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Mark Mazzeo
Director, Food & Beverage

When Mark was barely a teen, he brazenly walked into his local pizzeria and said, “I want to work here!” The owner threw him a 300 pizza boxes and said, “Okay, put these together,” expecting the youngster to tire quickly and bail out. Instead, Mark did the job expertly, came back the next day – and got hired as a kitchen helper. Fast forward a few years and Mark has a culinary degree from Johnson & Wales University; completes a successful internship with Hyatt Resorts; becomes one of the youngest Executive Chefs of Connecticut in the country club scene at 27,  then gets snapped up by the Marriott Corporation, smitten by both his culinary and hospitality management skills. Now with 30+ years in the industry.  Just before Mark was put in charge of creating Lime Rock Park Catering – from the ground up, by the way – he’d been managing country club catering departments.

Craig Hoctor
Head Chef

Here’s a man with a wealth of stove-driving experience, from apprenticeships under famous chefs to masterminding the logistics behind producing six – yes, six – very chi chi weddings per Saturday at a high-end resorts. Craig has created menus of incredible variety, and that’s one of the reasons he loves being head chef at Lime Rock. “From a family buying hot dogs and Cokes on the spectator hillsides to preparing 300 poulet a la orange entrees for a hospitality client, I make sure they’re the best they can be. Lime Rock Park is a wonderful opportunity to creatively explore the world of food.” Craig and his wife Carla live in Westfield, Mass., having sent four kids off to college and careers.

Lauren Himmel
Catering & Hospitality Assistant

Lauren comes from years of experience in the culinary and service industry. Having worked her way up in different establishments and having the panache of working well with customers to provide the best experience possible. Lauren, in keeping with her personal tradition of climbing the ladder, began at Lime Rock as a cashier, and quickly developed into catering, and supervisory roles,  through hard work, persistence, and coaching under long time catering management she quickly became an asset to the team! Lauren will go out of her way to exceed your catering expectations. With her charismatic and detail oriented attitude, let’s just say you’re in very good hands when Lauren's managing your hospitality needs. 

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